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March 7, 2016   

My first visit was an examination and X-rays only, with the exam completed by Dr. Ho. I was warmly welcomed by the staff on my first visit, and was in a chair at my exact appointment time. My second appointment was today for a deep cleaning. Again, the staff was very friendly, I was in the chair on time, I was fully numbed with both topical and needle anesthetic, and Krista the dental hygienist was wonderful. I'm very happy with Omni Dental on Jollyville, and very grateful to the staff since the dental work I require is self-inflicted from not scheduling regular appointments.

Laura Jane S.

March, 2016   

5 stars for Omni Dental Group! I called in with an emergency and they were able to get me in right away. The ladies in the office were so sweet and helpful and made me feel extremely taken care of. Omni Dental Group is the definition of what a dental office should be! I had virtually no wait time, the staff was honest and professional, the doctor was very efficient and I could tell I was being treated by a top-notch dental team! I couldnít be any happier with the services I received. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Amsili and the entire practice. It was, hands down, the best experience Iíve had a dental office.

B. Cadoy

August 30, 2015   

I've been coming here for years and I've always loved the way they treat my teeth. They're never rough, always very nice and make good conversation. Well as good as conversation can be with their fingers in my mouth! I have visited quite a few other dentists, and have always left them not feeling clean and like my mouth was abused (dirty pun). At Omni they're great. Always putting me at ease, very sure of their work and I always leave feeling confident in the work. One time I went in for a regular cleaning, had xrays done, upon seeing the xrays they said I had a cavity. Being 23 and never having had one I was very very nervous, they calmed me down, talked me through the process and just to be sure they did a second xray. Luckily after that they just told me to give that tooth extra loving :) Iíve never had a bad experience! Check them out :)

Chris F.

January, 2015   

I can't say that I enjoyed oral and implant surgery, but I can say that I'm so grateful Dr. Long is the surgeon who performed it. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT OMNI DENTAL GROUP!

Sawyer McCraw

March, 2015   

This place is top notch and gets better with each visit. The entire staff is friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable and capable. I will forever be a patient at Omni Dental Group. A group of doctors that care.

A Google User


Moving to Austin from out of state can be challenging when trying to find a reputable and comfortable doctor or dentist. I wish I had come sooner; the experience was wonderful! Upon arrival I was right at home; welcomed and rushed right in. What a wonderful staff you have; especially Lindsay....she's a "keeper"!!! Omni Dental Group is a great private dental practice that I found out has been serving Austin Texas for 18 years. They have grown because of the great service that I saw as a patient.

A Google User


Everything was very professional and Dr. Marc Amsili and his staff were outstanding. I had a chipped tooth and called in the morning of and had an appointment at noon that same day. Being handicapped, the office personnel helped me to the car and opened all my doors. Good experience. Iíve been with Omni Dental Group for about 17 years and to be honest my experience gets better each time I come in. The work you guys do is wonderful. The scheduling is on time and integrating technology has been fun to watch. I am honest when I say the office has gotten better as they have grown. I like that itís an old Austin family owned practice and not a chain. Marc youíre a great dentist. Good job! I love that you have 3 offices now in Austin Texas.

M. Todaro


I can testify that Dr Marc Amsili and his entire staff provides the most professional and warm environment that I have ever seen or experienced in the dental world...I had dental issues when I returned from Vietnam in the mid 60's... I reached a point recently that required a complete set of dentures... I was referred by my current dentist to Omni Dental due to insurance. From the first time I came to this office I felt comfortable and welcomed by the whole staff... yesterday I came home and when my wife saw my "smile" she could not believe what a change it made. I am looking forward to my follow up visits...I can definitely understand why Dr. Marc Amsili was rated in Texas Monthly as one of the Top Dentists in Texas, and rated as one of the Best Dentists in Austin Texas won't be disappointed if you select Omni Dental Group . I saw Dr. Long and he was great also! Try this group for your dental needs.

WhatrU Worth


Omni Dental group is absolutely the best. Last week they performed upper and lower jaw surgeries on my 16 year old daughter. The teams work was incredibly meticulous, the results were amazing, and they could not have been kinder or more helpful through the entire process. We also had positive experiences with his staff that helped us negotiate the daunting process of working with our insurance. Great place! Super professional! Love the phone call that night to follow- up on her and the hot tea and snack they gave me while I waited. I feel as if they are my dental family. I had an implant and 2 crowns and I had great care also. My family loves the staff at Omni Dental Group in Austin Texas on Hymeadow.

Facilee Smith

March 26, 2013   

Finally pain free!! I never experienced pain like I did this weekend. I contacted Omni Dental & went to see their dentist at the south office. I was diagnosed with the need for a root canal & was referred to the north office to see the specialist. Everyone was very kind & helpful at the south office. They walked me through the entire process & made sure I didn't have any questions. They even called & made the appointment for me. I was seen by their specialist the same day. The specialist agreed w/ the general dentist, & performed the root canal. The doctor was very informative. He explained the entire process & went over my aftercare instructions. During the process he & his asst continued to check on my level of comfort & verbalized everything he was doing on my tooth as he proceeded with treatment. I felt like I was really a part of the treatment. Thanks again everyone at Omni Dental Group for your special touch. You guys rock!!

Wendi W.

April 15, 2012   

I had a great experience at your office for my family's first visit!  Dr. Neal was so nice and knowledgeable.  The ladies up front were very thorough in explaining my dental insurance to me as well.  Excellent experience overall!

Steven Housier

April 5, 2012    

Wow! The new South Omni Dental office is beautiful . I like the new doctor. Dr. Alexander was kind and my children liked him also.

Susan Adams

April 5, 2012 

I want to thank the Omni dental Group. I am a Lawyer and my time is important. I waited too long to have a tooth worked on. Your group got me in the same day, and I saw the general Dentist who gave me a referral to the Root Canal doctor who told me my tooth had decayed and a fractured so all in the same day I was then seen by the gum surgeon that extracted and placed bone and an implant the same day. I liked that I did not have to go to 3 or for different offices the doctors all worked together and saw me in the same hour of time. If I had not gone to Omni this might have taken 4-5 appointment all over town, and several days out of my busy life. I have never seen a dental office that has every kind of specialist all in the same place. The team of doctors are kind and understanding. Dr. Hanson and Dr. Bodapati worked with Dr. Berry to solve my problems in a very pleasant and easy environment.

Jonn Milman

April 5, 2012  

The staff was very kind and most helpful. I have fear of going to dental appointments, but with the sedation Dr. Berry and Dr. Hanson helped me get the Root Canal and Crown done. I highly recommend you to my co-workers.

Mary Alice Dickenson

April 2, 2012 

I love the Jollyville office! I have recently switched dentists. I have only been to one other dentist my whole life. But when I moved to Austin for my job, I had to try a new dentist. I was very skeptical about seeing a new dentist.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with Omni Dental Group. The professionalism from the front desk to the back staff and doctors was amazing. I felt comfortable and confident with the office.

I needed a Root Canal and a Crown. But I was not in a position to miss work, it was a new job. They were able to accommodate me and take care of my situation the same day of my first visit.

I was amazed at how quick and painless the whole process was. Thank you Jollyville staff and a special thanks to Dr. Doga!

Kim Chen

March 23, 2012 

After several Doctors appointments with several other dentist’s offices, I still had pain on my upper right molar. That was until I made an appointment with Dr. Amsili at Omni. I was not expecting you to be able to fix my problem. I really thought it was going to be another failure. But I was wrong. I feel great. The treatment you diagnosed Dr. Amsili, was dead on. You knew immediately what my problem was! I can not believe I have absolutely no pain in that tooth. It hurt for so long and so many doctors looked at it and could not figure out the problem. Thank you so much! I can’t express how thankful I am…


Stephanie Faulkner

March 12,2012 

I want to give a special thanks to the Omni Dental financial department for helping me get a payment plan set up. I had no idea something like this existed. I knew I needed work done but I was not financially able to do any work for years. But as Donna went over my treatment plan with me, she explained a no interest payment plan. I am now half way through all the work I needed and so thankful I picked Omni. I could not have accomplished this with out a payment plan. They did everything for me. I didn’t have to do anything. Donna set up the whole plan and gave me my account number and I was able to get started right away with things I needed to have done years ago. I am more than happy with my experience with everyone at your establishment.

Thank you so much,

Taylor Spencer

March 3 2012 

I felt I needed to share my story with Omni. First, I want to thank you for helping my son when no one else would. Omni, you are not my usual dentist but my son had an emergency and my dentist was closed.

My insurance gave me Omni’s number and several others. No one was available. I called on a Friday late in the day so I understand a lot of offices close on Fridays and if they are open, they are booked. But Omni Dental actually worked him in.

I was freaking out. My son was missing half his tooth and bleeding like crazy. Maybe it was that you could tell I was crying but what ever it was you were so kind to see him and actually fix his tooth. I have never been more relieved and thankful.

All the girls were so sweet to my Ryan. He was so afraid, as I was but your staff was really good and really knew how to comfort us. The Doctor I heard has twin girls and that really eased me. I felt that he knew how to handle my son. He knew the right things to say and ask my son to distract him from the actual situation. Was more than I expected and for that, I thank you.

Molly Danszer

February 15, 2012 

Dr. Bodapati is absolutely wonderful! For years I have not smiled because of the embarrassing missing tooth I had.

My Doctor at the Jollyville location gave me a couple options to fill the space. One was an implant. I had never heard of this being possible. My doctor had given me some information on the implants, bridges and partials. The Implants got my attention. I saw how natural and beautiful they can look.

My Doctor referred me to the Periodontist who does the implants, Dr. Bodapati. I scheduled a consult with her at Omni Dentals Hymeadow location. The Periodontist, Dr. Bodapati was wonderful. She explained everything so well and I really understood the process.

I have now finally received my implant and implant crown. It looks amazing. I never thought I could have something that looked so natural and just like my real teeth. I love it. I smile all the time now. I have such a beautiful smile thanks to you Dr. Bodapati and Dr. Doga

There are no words that can explain how talented this implant doctor is. She is truly an artist at what she does. If anyone has the same situation I had. Please give her a try. You wont regret it.


Kimberly Johnson

February 15, 2012 

I have been a patient for 13 years. I have visited the Hymeadow and Jollyville offices. I don’t have a preference but I have to say, I have always enjoyed coming to the dentist. The girls are always up beat and smiling. It is not always fun to be at the dentist. But I do enjoy seeing the girls every few months. Its nice and inviting when you sign in and they already know your name before you even pick up the pen. I just wanted to compliment you on this. I had an appointment today and this really left a lasting impression on me. It is a small detail but it means a lot to me at my appointments.

Mrs. K. Hail

Last time I was in I had a complete melt down because I have a cavity. Ehhhh…. I am sorry Omni Dental that you had to witness this but I did want to thank you for the caring vibe you put off. I was very afraid and very shocked I have a cavity. Even though it was small being my 1st cavity, it was scary for me. I really felt that my assistant and doctor cared and felt bad for me. As embarrassed as I am about it, I want to thank you and I am feeling more confident now about my up coming filling appointment. See you in two weeks!

Thanks again,

Kacey Welton

February 1, 2012 

I wanted to say, “I think that the Hymeadow locations office staff is awesome.” I have been to the Hymeadow office several times and I have never had any issues but my last appointment left a great impression. From check in to check out the staff was amazing. I have always had a couple of favorites among the staff but this time was different. Everyone I came in contact with was so nice. Every step of my appointment the office went out of their way to make sure I was informed, cared for and happy. Was the best appointment I have had in the 3 years I have been with Omni.

Lin Lopez

January 14, 2012 

I recently attended the Jollyville office and had a great visit. I have never been crazy about my teeth but never really knew I could do anything about it. I filled out a form that they have with their paperwork and it asks you what you like about your teeth and what you do not like. When the doctor came in for my exam he told me, there are options to taking care of what I hated about my teeth, he called them Veneers. I never knew there was something like this. I thought you just went to the dentist to have cleanings and to get your teeth fixed. Apparently I was wrong! I now, 3 weeks later have beautiful teeth! I wish I would of uploaded a picture to show. I did not have anything wrong with my teeth other than appearance and the Veneers were the perfect solution. I just wanted to tell you thank you. And incase there is anyone else out there not caring for the appearance of their teeth as I was, maybe this will help you.

Thank you for boosting my confidence…

Kylie Regger

January 3, 2012 

I attend the William Cannon location and I love my dentist. Dr. Alexander is wonderful. He is funny and makes the appointment not so dreadful.

The new office is so nice and new, it has a very warm feel. And Theresa is very kind. I always forget what exactly the doctor say’s and I ask her a ton of questions as I am leaving. She is always very helpful and doesn’t seem to mind going over my treatment again or having the doctor come back in and go over it with me.

The office always makes sure I totally understand everything. I just wanted to say, thank you for making my dental appointments pleasant and I hope I was not to much trouble today…

Jackie Williams


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